History of ExtraTorrent:

ExtraTorrent was launched in 2006 as one of the first open index of magnet links and torrent files based on the BitTorrent protocol. After the shutdown of Kickass Torrents ExtraTorrent became the world's second-largest torrent database. Only The Pirate Bay had more visitors.
The database with over one million active torrent files was outstanding. With automated seeders leechers updates the ET script was the best one.

Enter ExtraTorrent

If you want to stay in touch with the old ET crew you can join the ExtraTorrent IRC Channel (!et). The chat is just for talking, no sharing of torrent files allowed! Over the years a lot of ISP have blocked access to our site. A lot of ExtraTorrent proxy sites have helped ExtraTorrent, to stay online.

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Current ExtraTorrent status:
ExtraTorrent and all mirrors are offline. The team of ExtraTorrent has permanently erased all data.
Stay away from mirror websites and clones they are scam.
All new mirror sites claming to be the original one are fake. ExtraTorrent is DEAD!

List of ExtraTorrent proxies